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Why Unique Lawn Service?

There are many lawn care companies you can choose from, but most will not give you personalized service while using the best products on the market. Unique Lawn Service is a small lawn care company located in Greensboro NC, whose goal is to provide you with a lawn and landscape you are proud of.

We offer fertilization and weed control services based on your schedule, not the schedule a large company wants you to be on. We use an all-granular fertilization program that builds a strong, dense turf leaving little room for weeds to invade your lawn.

With Unique Lawn Service you will receive a lawn analysis prior to starting your service and a recommended program that suits your lawn’s needs AND your budget. Should you choose to include our professional mowing services in your program you will enjoy superior results. Mowing prior to product application is the ideal way to care for your property.  Our equipment is serviced daily to assure mower blades are clean and sharp.  We also take great care in mowing the turf at the recommended height to promote growth of grass, NOT weeds.


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